Programming quiz

1. The below represents an encoded list of 10 esoteric programming languages. What is the name of the second language? Programming quiz

Programming quiz

2. Concatenate all numbers between 1 and 100 (inclusive) that is divisible by either 3 or 5. The answer is the concatenation of all these numbers.

Programming quiz

3. In the following Azure BLOB Storage container there are 1200 publically accessible blobs (the container is NOT publicly accessible). Each blob is a png image. Each image is a tile sliced from a larger image. The names of the files are randomized. The larger image is 40 tiles wide and 30 tiles high. The larger image wil reveal a code that represents the answer to this question.
Write a program that:

  • Using the following container url:, download each of the 1200 png files. The files are name (1).png to (1200).png Programming quiz
  • Write an algorithm to detect the code represented by the image. (Note that the larger image has a black border around it. This should give you a good starting point.) Programming quiz

4. Lastly, please record a video of yourself describing a difficult problem you recently faced and how you solved the problem. The video should be: Programming quiz

(PLEASE NOTE: Failure to complete this last step will result in an immediate disqualification)

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